Feedback on CGIAR Strategy and Results Framework – youth

I delivered this intervention at the CGIAR’s Strategy and Results Framework stakeholder consultation:
“First of all, I welcome the CGIAR’s initiative to consult youth regarding the 10-year research strategy.
However, upon reading the strategy, I was disappointed to note that the words youth and young people are mentioned only a …

Things I’m excited about #1: Open data

Earlier this month I was invited to facilitate a “data expedition” as part of a citizen science festival in Copenhagen (am putting together a blogpost which chronicles my experience…watch out for it soon). It was my first foray into the world of open data and I’m excited to learn more …

Join our Science Advice Wikibomb on Oct 24!

During the Science Advice to Governments conference, Kim Nicholas and I had a great idea.
“There doesn’t seem to be one place where you can find what science advice is, what systems different countries implement and a list of those country’s science advisors,” Kim said (I paraphrase).
While this information …