• Photo by the Center for International Forestry Research

Building cross-cutting skills and landscapes knowledge for youth leadership

I led an international team of 10 young professionals organizing a comprehensive program to build cross-cutting skills and landscapes knowledge for youth leadership at the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) alongside the UN climate change conference in Peru in December 2014.

On December 5, we ran a series of skill and knowledge building masterclasses that aimed to empower and equip young professionals with the voice, skills and professionalism to understand key climate change and sustainable issues, effectively contribute to discussions, lead sessions and learn how to network with likeminded professionals.

The day following, we held a dynamic and interactive youth session, starting with roundtable discussions on key land use themes followed by pitching ideas/recommendations to a dragons’ den of science policy experts. Youth then took on leadership roles throughout the second day of the GLF as speakers, MCs, facilitators and rapporteurs.

For more information visit landscapes.org/youth and landscapes.org/youth-masterclasses or download the concept note here.