Communicating, connecting and creating with young Norwegian climate leaders


On 14-15 December 2015, I co-facilitated a two day workshop in Oslo, which helped 38 young Norwegian climate leaders to:

  • Communicate about climate change more effectively by building an understanding of values and beliefs, practicing storytelling approaches and adapting their message to different audiences.
  • Connect a community of young climate leaders to work together and support each other as agents for positive change in Norway and globally.
  • Create prototypes for real-world projects that could be implemented following the workshop

Overall, the workshop exceeded expectations of the participants with some highlighting how different, challenging and participatory it was compared to other workshops they had attended. One participant remarked: “It is great that we were activated so much. We all had to participate, share ideas, thoughts and we were challenged all the way, both to think differently and share it in front of the group. It was very fun and interesting two days. Great workshop!”

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